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Hi! I'm Travis, the creator of the Bed Block. I am a husband, father, businessman, inventor, Iraq war veteran, and mediocre athlete. I developed the Bed Block after rolling my ankle in a rec league softball game. My swollen ankle, coupled with a frostbite injury from my Army days in Germany required a unique product to help me heal. I needed to protect my feet from the pressure of the sheets, while also keeping my feet warm when I slept. This scenario had me cutting up random things in the garage to try and create something that a few prototypes later, is now the Bed Block. 

My ankle is long since healed, but I still sleep with my Bed Block every night. Now I offer my better sleep solution to you.

veteran owned business

Family First

My wife and kids are my world. Those two boys keep me on my toes and ensure that we don't have anything breakable around! Jackie is also a nightly Bed Block user and the boys love driving their trucks on them for now. We thank you for sharing in the Bed Block journey.

– Travis, Jackie, Nolan and Oliver

travis witzke

Veteran-Owned Business

During my six years of service in the Army, I matured and grew greatly while learning from some fantastic leaders. I deployed from Germany for the invasion of Iraq in 2003, spending a year around Balad Air Base north of Baghdad. My second tour was in 2005-2006, splitting time in between Camp Ramadi and Baghdad. I left service in 2007 to return to civilian life. A BS in business management and an MBA later, I'm now a proud entrepreneur. Go Sun Devils!


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