Your Bed Block can help relieve uncomfortable symptoms associated with many common conditions, allowing for a more restful night.
The Bed Block is comprised of a specially formulated foam base to keep your sheets and blankets lifted up and over your feet. Each Bed Block is wrapped in a soft, washable polyester cover.

It's easy to use: simply turn down your sheets and place the Bed Block at the foot of your bed. Place the 45-degree angle toward your feet for a more snug feeling, or the 45 degree angle away to maximize height and airflow. Pull your sheets back up and enjoy newfound foot freedom!

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  • Easy to Use

    Pull your sheets back, place the Bed Block at the foot of your bed, pull the covers back and done. Freedom like this has not been experienced since 1776!

  • Helps All Sleeping Positions


    The Bed Block does not discriminate. Whether you are a back, side, fetal, or stomach sleeper, you will benefit from the Bed Block's roomy air pocket that takes pressure off of your feet and helps to regulate your body temperature, keeping you in that deep REM sleep cycle and ultimately providing a more comfortable sleep experience. Sleeping better means you live better, learn more, and have the energy to tackle the day.

  • Relieves Common Ailments & Injuries


    The Bed Block can relieve symptoms associated with many common conditions: foot, ankle, and toe pain from injuries, restless legs, surgery recovery, foot and toe sensitivity, neuropathy, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, cramping, lower back pain, and general sleep discomfort. If you want to sleep better, run, rock the drums, make your money on your feet, or hustle like a boss, don't worry--Bed Block offers a restful night for you. 

  • Dimensions


    Sizing: Your Bed Block can be used multiple ways. The tall pointed side up will provide the greatest "tent" effect at 9 inches tall, the flat edge up provides slightly less at 8 inches, and the pyramid point up yields just under 7 inches. You can place your block with the 45-degree angle toward your feet or away depending on your personal preference.

  • Additional Uses

    The Bed Block can serve more than just feet. Put it to work for post-surgery recovery, limb immobilization/support, leg and back support, and more!

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