Bed Block

Free Your Feet from the Sheets
What is the Bed Block?

The Bed Block lifts your sheets at the end of the bed, reducing pressure on ankles, feet, and toes. This simple device increases airflow and comfort, resulting in a better night's rest.

How Does it Work?
Easy to set up
No bars, no straps

Make your bed as usual, pulling the sheets back halfway. Place the block toward the bottom of the mattress where your feet go and pull the sheets back up. That's it!

Who We Are
Quality z's, from our family to yours

Hi! I'm Travis and I developed the Bed Block after many nights under my cozy comforter prevented the healing of a rolled ankle. Due to a frostbite injury acquired from my Army days in Germany, I was in search of a unique product to tent over my feet, allowing them to stay warm while I healed. 

My ankle is long since healed, but I still sleep with my Bed Block every night.

We are a family-first, veteran-owned company. We proudly manufacture and assemble our products in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

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